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Undermining your own success

Years ago, I was seeking help from a psychologist for issues around depression. I had been feeling like despite all my efforts, my goals and dreams were not being realized as I saw fit. After listening to me go on for some time, she asked me flatly, “Is it possible that you’re undermining your own success?”

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Pain and comfort are two sides of the same coin. Especially when it comes to food.

Last year, I started excavating my diet, wanting to cut out things I knew weren’t good for me. For two months I eliminated all sweeteners and baked goods. It was a revelation. I lost 10 pounds, felt great, and started to understand how much these foods were only giving me comfort, not nutrition. Gladly after the initial two months, I was able to reintegrate a very limited amount of sweets in a healthy and balanced way.

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4 radical truths about life

I am one of those people who has kept every diary and journal I’ve ever had. I got my first one when I was 8. It was pink and had a little lock and key. Now they’ve graduated to Moleskins and whatever notebook I can find to fill with copious amounts of psycho-babble and ramblings. Recently, I decided to put them all in one stack and go through them to find any lasting gems. Here are the results:

1 – Our lives have themes. Turns out, I’m dealing with the similar struggles I had when I was 16! Of course they’re not the same people, or even the same issues, but in a very general way, my “problems” seem to focus around being heard, being recognized, and finding my voice in the world. I found it fascinating to see this theme repeated over and over again, through the ages, and even in positive situations. It made me wonder if this is simply human nature – our entire lives spin around one theme which is a central tenet to our life’s purpose.

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How I recovered from burnout using this new technique

Dealing with burnout

A few years ago I suffered a severe case of career burnout. I forced myself to take a break to sort through the emotional mess I was in. I meditated and journaled extensively to work through my feelings. One thing I noticed was my thoughts were filled with extremes. I loved what I did, but I hated the business that went along with it. I was terribly envious of other peoples’ success but I also loved being part of that same community. Love, hate, love, hate. It was an endless mess of intertwined emotions. I was so overcome, I could hardly tell where I stood on anything, let alone shift these feelings into more positive territory.

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